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cashless society malaysia

Apa Itu “Cashless Society” & Kenapa Ia Penting Dalam Mengekang Wang Gelap Di India

Masyarakat “cashless” (masyarakat tanpa tunai) atau cashless society bukanlah bermakna golongan yang tidak mempunyai wang seperti salah faham sesetengah orang di Malaysia. Sebaliknya, masyarakat tanpa tunai digambarkan kepada keadaan ekonomi di mana urus niaga kewangan tidak dijalankan dengan wang dalam bentuk wang kertas atau syiling fizikal. Urus niaga hanya dilakukan melalui pemindahan maklumat digital (secara […]

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A Quick Guide to Mobile Payments in Southeast Asia

Mention mobile payments in Asia and you’re likely to think of huge companies like WeChat and Alipay. These companies have monopolised Chinese markets and are starting to expand across the region. While it’s true that China is home to the largest and fastest growing mobile payment market across the globe, more and more countries in […]

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E-Money and E-Wallet. Are They the Same?

More and more Malaysians are talking about going cashless. Read the news and you will notice a wide range of different ways to go cashless — often also using different terms to describe themselves. Some cashless services refer to themselves as e-wallets, while others say e-money. Some don’t even say anything. So, what exactly is […]

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